10 English Speaking Topics For Intermediate Students

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For every ESL student, speaking with native English speakers is like a dream come true. To get to a decent conversational level to be able to talk to native speakers, you have many things to learn and many words and phrases to remember.

And while we are talking about words and phrases, have you been thinking about some English-speaking topics?

There are plenty of entertaining topics you can chit-chat about. The following topics are suitable for intermediate students, so keep reading and see which ones you find most entertaining or which ones are your favorites.

15 Different English Speaking Topics For ESL Intermediate Students

You don’t know what to talk about with native English speakers?

Don’t worry because, in the following lines, you can find 15 different discussion topics ideal for English intermediate students.


Everyone likes to travel. Visiting other places, learning about other cultures, and meeting new people is always fun. Besides, it is one more experience and opportunity to practice the language.

What country would you like to visit?

Which country you would never visit again?

Which country did you visit more than once?

What do you like to visit in a foreign country?

Do you like traveling in summer or winter?

Food And Cooking

Food is also one of the favorites topics because everyone likes talking about food and delicious dishes.

It is mainly one of the topics suitable for beginners because of the related vocabulary, but you can expand and ask for more details for a more advanced level.

What is your favorite food? And why?

Which country, according to your opinion, has the best dishes?

What is the worst thing you’ve ever tasted?

Do you like to cook?

What do you like to cook?

How often do you cook?

What are the advantages or disadvantages of cooking?

Where do you get ingredients for cooking?

What do you think about organic food?

Do you eat only organic food?


Hobbies are something we enjoy doing in our spare time, so, naturally, everyone loves talking about their hobbies.

Do you have any hobbies?

How often do you do your hobbies?

How did you start these hobbies?

What do you think about (not) having hobbies?

What hobbies did you used to have and which ones you would like to do?


Work is a very important part of our lives. Most of us have jobs and work, so we always have to say something about that. Talking about work is one of the topics that can get people together.

Here are some suggestions when talking about work.

What work do you do?

Do you like your job?

Is your job demanding?

What is your opinion about work in general?

What is your dream job and why?


Topics about the environment are always inspiring and can lead to many other, even different, topics.

So, it is good to talk about the environment, as long as the conversation remains polite and without arguing.

What are serious environmental problems?

How can people help the environment? 

What is your opinion about climate change?

What do you think about pollution?

What should the government do to help the environment?

Television And Social Networks

Talking about television and social networks is entertaining and it gathers people together.

There are plenty of things you can chit-chat about television and media and here are some of them.

What is your opinion about television?

Do you watch television?

How often do you watch television?

Which tv programs do you watch?

Is watching television good for kids and if not, why?

Why are social networks so popular?

What do you think about social networks?

Do you use social networks?

Do people use social networks for bad purposes?

Which social networks do you use?


Don’t think that only men like talking about sports. You would be surprised to hear that many women actually like talking about this topic. Therefore, don’t divide people by gender. If you like talking about sports, ask your speaker about the opinion, no matter if it is a woman.

Do you like sports?

What is your favorite sport?

Do you watch sports?

Did you play any sport while you were in school?

Do you play sports now?

How often do you play sports?

Animals And Pets

These living beings that are part of our lives and our best friends are the topic everyone would gladly talk about. That’s why in the following lines, you can find some questions about animals and pets.

Do you like animals?

Do you have any pets?

Which is better to have as a pet, a dog or a cat?

What is your favorite animal?

What do you think about using animals for various types of testing?

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What do you think about killing animals for food?

Are people responsible for the extinction of some of the animals?

Do you help animal shelters in your town?

What is your opinion about the zoos and animals there?

Do animals suffer in zoos?

Making Plans And Goals

Making plans and goals has always been one of the favorite topics people like to discuss. Why then it wouldn’t be one of the English-speaking topics you can talk about with native English speakers?

What are your plans for…?

What are your plans for learning English?

What are your goals in life in general?

How do you plan to reach your goals?

How do you feel when you reach your goals?

Books And Reading

With so many amazing books, this topic is always the right one to discuss with others.

This is an especially favorite topic about book lovers. They could talk about books for days.

Here are some of the questions about reading and books in general.

Do you like reading? If not, why?

What type of books do you usually read?

Do you have a favorite book?

Do you have a favorite writer?

Have you read something currently?

What was the last book you’ve read?

What do you think of e-books?

Do you read books online?

What are (dis)advantages of reading books online?

Do you usually buy or borrow books?

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