7 Tips To Stay Motivated While Learning English

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Learning English is a wonderful experience: you discover a new culture, a new way of expressing yourself with new vocabulary or verbiage and a set of grammatical rules. “Stay motivated” is what we always say to our learners: “Change from “I want” to “I can” whenever learning English feels confusing, complicated or difficult. We are here to remind you this and of course help you every step of the way". Yes, you can be a motivated and confident user of English!

Read on to see which of the following tip best matches your type:

1. Don’t be afraid to ask away! This is how you get clear on anything you need to understand better and integrate it in your learning process.

2. Pen and paper or your PC are your best friends when learning English! From creating word lists, saving learning material to revise is the best way to stay on track with your English.

3. Use a dictionary, preferably an English-English one. This way you will be able to detach from your mother tongue and start understanding word definition in the target language. Fascinating, you get to learn new vocabulary faster!

4. Read English magazines. Select an article that corresponds to your current knowledge level and read away!

5. Watch your favourite TV series, films in English. This way you will become familiar with new vocabulary, expressions and improve your listening skills at the same time!

6. Record yourself when reading aloud, yes, like you are rehearsing for a speech! You can check your pronunciation and keep track of your accent improving along the way! We love such recordings!

7. Get any chance you can to practice your English, whether it is a vacation trip, a networking event or an English speaking friend! Practice makes perfect!

These tips will help you stay focused, be more active and remind you that you are learning a language, so it is best to shift any mind barriers that keep you from being a confident user in English: psychology counts too!

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