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Children have more chance of being successful with their learning when teachers and parents work together. Everything you do with your child during the day could be used as an opportunity to improve their English learning.

Here are our five top tips:

Picture book time

This method can open up a whole new world to young children learning English. Choosing the right books can be tricky, but it is important to understand the benefits of having this one-to-one interaction with your child. Picture books provide parents and children with an obvious reason for switching from their home language to speaking English. Parents who lack confidence in English find that the fixed text of a picture book is a useful prop.

Songs and rhymes

A fun way to pick up words in English is through repetition of rhymes and songs. You can put together a playlist with songs that can be played over and over again for your child to become familiar with certain words.

Reading aloud

Practice reading the picture book aloud and decide how you are going to bring the story to life. Introduce some of the new words before reading the book and be prepared to whisper translations for difficult words until your child gets used to them!

English corner or English table

You can set up an area of the house that provides a focus for anything related to English sessions: games, a mini-library of picture books, displays of English culture such as pictures and flags, displays of drawings, home-made books or craft work.

Celebrate family birthdays and festivals

Making birthday cards is a fun activity. Birthdays and family festivals are good occasions to put on small shows and to play games with family and friends who also speak English.


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