How To Stay Motivated In English

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It isn’t always easy to stay motivated when you study English, especially when English starts to get hard or complicated. You might begin to lose motivation if you compare yourself to others, or if you don’t get the results that you want.

When you experience these difficult moments, it’s easy to give up and decide that you don’t want to study any more. It’s at these times that you most need encouragement and support.

This is when it’s useful to measure what you have achieved so far – which is why the following statement can help. The statement is in three parts, and you can adapt it to describe yourself.

How it works: All you have to do is say the heading beginning “I love that I…” and then fill in the details. It will help you to feel more confident about your English – which will help you stay motivated!

I love that I am…

This is where you can list some of your best qualities – the ones that help you learn English.

For example, you could say “I love that I am…”

motivated (this gives you the energy to study every day, for example)

patient (you allow yourself time to learn, experiment and improve)

self-aware (you know what you need to work on)

resilient (you don’t allow “failure” to stop you)

dedicated and hard working (you do the work to get results)

I love that I can…

Instead of thinking about the things that you can’t do (yet), take some time to celebrate the things that you can do!

For example, you could say “I love that I can…”

have a conversation in English (without always translating)

watch a film and understand some of it (even if you switch to subtitles after a few minutes)

read an article and understand the main points

express an idea or opinion even with simple words

enjoy listening to a song in English (and even sing along)

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