Idiom of the Day. "Couch Potato"

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 Couch Potato

Synonyms: inactive person, couch slouch, couch lounger, etc.

In today's idiom spotlight, we delve into the quirky phrase "couch potato," which humorously depicts someone with a penchant for laziness and a marked reluctance to engage in physical activity. The term refers to individuals who prefer to laze around on the couch, often glued to their screens, rather than taking part in active pursuits.

With the advent of technology and streaming services, it's all too easy for people to succumb to the allure of being a "couch potato". Instead of exploring the world outside or engaging in stimulating conversations, they remain trapped in the cocoon of comfort, disconnected from reality.

For instance:

  1. Despite the beautiful weather outside, Jack chose to be a couch potato, binge-watching his favorite TV series all day.
  2. Jennifer realized she had become a couch potato when she noticed her dwindling energy levels and expanding waistline.
  3. Tom's dream of running a marathon seemed elusive as his couch potato tendencies held him back from regular exercise.

August, 2023

Posted by Oxford Language Club

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