Idiom of the Day. "In hot water"

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 In hot water

Synonyms: in a pickle, in deep water, in a tight spot, etc.

"In hot water" stands as a vibrant idiom in the mosaic of English language, depicting a situation where someone finds themselves in trouble or facing difficulties. This phrase, rich with imagery, vividly captures the sensation of being engulfed in hot, uncomfortable circumstances.

When someone is "in hot water," it signifies a state of adversity or consequence, often resulting from a mistake or misjudgment. For instance, a student might find themselves "in hot water" with their teacher for not completing their assignment. Similarly, a businessperson could be "in hot water" with their clients for missing a crucial deadline. This idiom effortlessly integrates into everyday conversations, offering a colorful expression for navigating challenging situations.

Examples in sentences:

  1. After forgetting their anniversary, Tom found himself in hot water with his wife.
  2. The politician's controversial remarks landed him in hot water with the public and the media.
  3. Sandra realized she was in hot water when she accidentally sent the email to the wrong recipient.
  4. Mark knew he was in hot water with his boss when he failed to meet the project's quality standards.
  5. The company found itself in hot water after the environmental scandal was exposed in the media.

March, 2024

Posted by Oxford Language Club

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