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Does your child hate English lessons and see them as just another chore he or she must complete? 

That’s unfortunate but you’re in luck because below are 7 things you can do to make learning English fun for your kids. If you do these on a constant basis, your children will always look forward to the next session. It is a good way to supplement any English classes for children

Teach them through songs

Music is a universal language and it is used to convey all sorts of emotions, messages and teachings. You can also use it to teach your child how to speak English. Luckily, there are many English songs you can use to teach your children about elements of the English language. Most English classes for children will have all sorts of songs as teaching methods.

Use word games

It doesn’t matter what age your child is – you can find a suitable word game for them. There are games for toddlers and Scrabble for older kids. Word games can teach them spelling, grammar, word meanings, synonyms and many other aspects of the English language. If you have a number of children, it would be fantastic to have them learn together which will also build teamwork between them.

Use interactive games

Interactive and physical games are extremely fun. Instead of sticking to board games such as Scrabble, interactive physical games require you to move around. The game ‘Simon Says’ is a good example. It teaches children the meaning of different verbs by getting them to act out different actions. You can check YouTube for more interactive, physical games.



Kids love a good story and this can be a great way to get some aspects of English into their heads. You have a wide range of options, from complex to basic stories, to entertain your children. Stories can be effective since they stir the imagination.


Cartoons engage children. In fact, you can find cartoons designed with the specific purpose of teaching kids how to speak English. Of course, these often have an interesting storyline and each episode focuses on different English lessons. Start with YouTube. A good search will get you lots of free cartoons for your kids.

Let them mingle with English-speaking friends

Encourage them to spend time with English-speaking friends. Try to bring their friends over whenever you have an English language game or cartoon to watch. The interaction between two children makes things more interesting for them.

Let them play video games done in English

There are lots of video games today. Yes, some are violent and vulgar and kids should probably stay away from these, but there are also some games designed specifically for small children. These are often based on cartoon characters, making it more fun for the children. There’s no shortage of games that focus on teaching children English vocabulary and grammar.


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