Phrase of the Day. "I'm done!"

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The phrase "I'm done" is a widely used slang expression that conveys a sense of exhaustion or frustration, indicating that a person has reached their limit and can no longer tolerate a situation or task. It implies a feeling of being overwhelmed and unable to continue with the current state of affairs.


  • Fed up
  • Reached the breaking point
  • Can't take it anymore
  • Maxed out

Examples in Sentences:

  1. After working overtime for weeks, Sarah finally exclaimed, "I'm done!" and decided to take a well-deserved vacation.
  2. When the traffic jam seemed never-ending, John sighed and muttered, "I can't handle this anymore. I'm done with city life."
  3. Emily felt frustrated with the constant interruptions during her study session and declared, "I've reached my breaking point. I'm done for the day."

In everyday conversation, "I'm done" serves as a concise way to communicate one's emotional and mental state, making it a valuable phrase for expressing feelings of exhaustion or frustration. By incorporating this phrase into your English vocabulary, you'll be better equipped to navigate a wide range of situations and effectively communicate your emotions.

November, 2023

Posted by Oxford Language Club

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