Top Choices For Netflix – 2022

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Tired of studying from textbooks for hours and coming up with little to no results? Already tried audiobooks in the hopes of learning English and that didn’t work out? Why not make learning a new language fun and have an experience similar to immersing yourself with natives speakers from the comfort of your home? Try watching movies in English!

There’s always something new to enjoy on Netflix – whether it’s their own production or a classic added to their library.

Netflix – 2022

Stay Close (Netflix Original)

Good mystery / thriller. Eight-part mini-series, adapted from the book by Harlan Coben, will keep you guessing.

What is Megan’s secret past life? Why did one man disappear exactly 17 years after another man?

Watch for the beautiful scenery in the north of England and for different accents. The Detective in the case (Broome) is a Northern Irish actor.

Constant Gardener (Oscar winner)

If you’re a fan of Ralph Fiennes or Rachel Weisz you’ll love this. It’s a thriller, adapted from a book by John Le Carre, who was best known for writing spy stories. This one is a little simpler than his others, with a plot which centres around Big Pharma and the British government.

It’s also a moving love story between the two main characters. The dialogue is easy to understand, with mainly British accents.

Trains, Planes and Automobiles (Comedy classic)

This 1987 “road-trip” comedy stars the great Steve Martin and John Candy. The story is simple: Steve Martin’s character wants to get back home for Thanksgiving, but snowy conditions and a series of “accidents” cause problems each step of the journey. John Candy plays a salesman who accompanies Steve Martin throughout the film.

You don’t need to understand the dialogue to know what’s happening, which makes it a great film to enjoy and laugh at.


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