What are the Top Motivations for Learning English?

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English is the language of business, it’s a common language, and it’s used in more ways than you may realize. Learn to speak English properly, and you can make yourself a lot more money in the workplace. However, many people who have studied English for a long time still have difficulty understanding English accents.

Motivations for Learning English

We found that the top reasons people learn English are to meet friends, find love, travel abroad, gain a new job, and improve their financial situation.

1. Learning English help you Meet Friends

Millions of people use English skills when taking part in business around the world. Learning how to speak is a great way for you to gain positive social contact, help with your career or job searchability and create new friendships that last a lifetime!

2. Studying English make you Travel Abroad

Many people dream of going on an adventure abroad but don’t know where the best countries are to visit simply because they speak another language. Learning some basic conversational and grammar English can open many doors for you to travel more and that’s why people want it.

3. Learning English Improve Job Search Ability

There are tons of opportunities in speaking English as an English speaker if looking online! Many conferences, trade shows, and business meetings require an attendee or speaker who knows how to speak “good” English but may have been unemployed since college.

4. Learning English improve your Financial Ability

If you want to start your own business, speaking English is crucial for the success of your venture and FAST! Many small businesses today require employees who can speak the local language in exchange for their services and hospitality. Learning some new vocabulary or new words, grammar skills, and conversational ability before starting any new job or enterprise will be an asset that others are keen on finding when they look online as well!

5. Learning English makes working life easier

Different countries have different work cultures, which means a mix of legal and illegal things happen. Knowing English as a learner can help you navigate questionable situations in your favor.

6. English Learning makes you date people all around the world

Seeing someone from a different place who speaks another language (native speaker) can make your heart race with excitement because of what opportunities lie ahead! But most of the time this is true for foreign men seeking local women or visa holders looking for partners. Either way, learning English will help when dating those around you.

7. Language learning makes the world easier

Yes, it does…..When language barriers disappear and we unite our people in one voice, we become one people! We can understand, communicate and be in peace.

Easier to communicate with businessmen & women, better learning when traveling internationally, and an increased appreciation for all cultures not just one’s own.

8. Learning the language will help you become a permanent citizen (or visa holder)

In other countries located close to where you wish to live. It may get difficult finding employment if looking online but it may make up for this concomitantly depending on your skills even without knowing English pronunciation.

9. Learning English makes you an attractive person

Mentally, you as an English learner become stronger by going through some tough stages in life and the confidence is not lost either but it becomes amplified. People will be attracted to know more about this intelligent mind which speaks another language, as well!

10. Learning English as a foreign language improve your understanding of science

This is also true and the best way. Our planet like every other part of it is under the rule and control of science. When you understand what’s out there, we can better understand its nature–we’re able to make more educated decisions in our lives too!

Seeing Science has become a necessity when trying to comprehend any situation …the human body being one such case… if you see it or not matters at all!

March, 2023

Posted by Oxford Language Club

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