Why You’re ‘Stuck’ At Intermediate Level In English

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Are you stuck at an intermediate speaking level in English? And thinking about how to get to an advanced speaking level? It’s normal!

And being stuck at an intermediate speaking level in English is known as the “intermediate plateau”.

In fact it is one of the most common problems in learning a language and we always get asked, “how can I make the jump to an advanced speaking level?”

To become an Advanced English Speaker requires a good plan (point 2 and 3), belief (point 1), constancy and commitment to your goal (point 2) and really making English part of your day to day (points 3, 4 and 5).

Lack of time? Doing micro learning tasks in English (see points 3,4,5) can maximize your limited time to see good results.

???????? We give you 5 tips & techniques that have helped lots of professionals.

  • Stop Apologising – stop apologising for your bad English and focus on ‘good communication in English’.
  • 3 Goals – write your three most important reasons for becoming an Advanced English Speaker? And why?
  • Find the right mix – find the right mix for you of natural learning (series, podcasts) vs deliberate learning (exercises, flashcards).
  • Immerse yourself in English (do tech stuff in English, conversation opportunities, do part of your hobbies in English)
  • English Speaking activities – prepare and record ‘speaking answers’ to your meetings in English, 5 minute Ignite presentations, describe your ideal job/company in English).


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Great site to keep my english skills updated for work and travel. I am really enjoying the lessons!

Maria C
ar   Argentina

Loved the course. Abitlity to improve my grammar and spelling in a step by step method has really helped me. Thanks!

Andre T
fr   France