Word For The Day. "Authorise"

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  authorise aw-thuh-rahyz  ]

Synonyms: give permission for, permit, sanction, allow, agree, approve, etc.


Definition of authorise


verb (used with object)

       1. to give authority or official power to; empower:               He authorize an employee to sign purchase orders.         2. to give authority for; formally sanction (an act or proceeding):              Congress authorized the new tax on tobacco.
        3. to establish by authority or usage:              Such arrangement was long authorized by etiquette books.

       4. to afford a ground for; warrant; justify.

        Other examples:         Do get the Leader to authorise a bold statement.         Please authorise us to debit your account and, where possible, give a day-time telephone number in case of query.         I can authorize payments up to $4 000.         I hereby authorize my delegate to duplicate my key. 

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