Word For The Day. "Bottleneck"

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  Bottleneck  [ bot-l-nek ]

Synonyms:  traffic jam, jam, congestion, hold-up, gridlock, etc.              

Definition of Bottleneck



         1. a place where a road becomes narrow, or a place where there is often a lot of traffic, causing the traffic to slow down or stop;

             the bottleneck on Talbot Road

         2. a place or stage in a process at which progress is impeded;

         3. also called slide guitara method of guitar playing that produces a gliding sound by pressing a metal bar or glass tube against the strings;

verb (used with object)

         4. to slow by causing a bottleneck;

               The merge bottlenecked the traffic every morning.

verb (used without object)

         5. to form a bottleneck.

             The traffic bottlenecked at the merge every morning.



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