Word For The Day. "Cozy"

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  cozy or co·sy, co·zey, co·zie [ koh-zee ]

Synonyms:  snug, comfortable, warm, restful, etc.



Definition of cozy



         1. snugly warm and comfortable:      

               a cozy little house.     

         2. convenient or beneficial, usually as a result of dishonesty or connivance:

               a very cozy agreement between competing firms.  

         3. suggesting opportunistic or conspiratorial intimacy:

               a cozy relationship between lobbyists and some politicians. 

         4. discreetly reticent or noncommittal:

               The administrators are remaining cozy about which policy they plan to adopt.

verb (used with object)

         5. to make more cozy (often followed by up):    

               New curtains would cozy the room up a bit.     


Other examples:

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