Word of the Day "Drenched"

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  • Part of Speech: adjective
  • Definition: wet thoroughly; soaked
  • Synonyms: soaked, saturated, sopping, wet through
  • Transcription: /drencht/

"Drenched", our word of the day, is an adjective that forms a vivid picture in the mind of its reader or listener. Derived from the Old English word 'drencan', which means 'to give to drink or to drown', it signifies something or someone thoroughly soaked or wet.

"Drenched" usually paints an image of an individual soaked in rain, a scene many of us have experienced. However, its application extends far beyond this classic image. You can be 'drenched in sweat' after an intense workout, or 'drenched in perfume' if you've accidentally over-sprayed your favorite scent. This versatile word allows for a wide range of creative uses.

  • For example, in literature, it might be used to depict a scene of emotional intensity: "Her eyes were drenched with tears as she bid him goodbye.
  • Similarly, in describing food, you might say, "The pancakes were drenched in rich, golden syrup.
  • Even metaphorically, it can be used as "The city was drenched in sunlight," which helps convey a sense of overwhelming brightness or warmth.

Exploring the word 'drenched' helps us to realize how such an ordinary word can create extraordinary imagery in everyday language. It's a reminder that English is "drenched" - pun intended - in words capable of turning mundane descriptions into vibrant and engaging narratives.

June, 2023

Posted by Oxford Language Club

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