Word of the day "Jammy"

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Synonyms: fortunate, lucky, blessed, etc.

  • Part of Speech: adjective
  • Definition: very lucky
  • Transcription: /jam-ee/

"Jammy" is an intriguing word that may sound playful but carries a unique British slang meaning. Used colloquially, "jammy" describes someone who is incredibly fortunate or lucky in a situation, often gaining an unexpected advantage or favorable outcome. 

For instance, imagine someone winning a prize without even trying—their luck in that moment could be described as "jammy." In a sentence, you might say, "She was feeling quite jammy after finding money in an old jacket pocket."

This term is widely utilized in British English and has a cheerful connotation, indicating a stroke of luck or a happy coincidence. It's an expressive word that embodies the positivity of unexpected fortune. So, whether it's stumbling upon a fantastic deal or effortlessly achieving success, embracing a "jammy" moment adds a touch of whimsy to celebrating life's fortunate occurrences.

Here are a few more examples demonstrating the use of the word "jammy" in different contexts:

  1. He's always so jammy in competitions; he won the raffle prize without even buying a ticket!
  2. Getting the last parking spot right in front of the entrance was incredibly jammy.
  3. She felt incredibly jammy when she found her favorite dress on sale, marked down by 70%.
  4. They were feeling quite jammy when their flight got upgraded to first class at no extra cost.
  5. It was a jammy stroke of luck that he found his lost keys just before leaving for the trip.

December, 2023

Posted by Oxford Language Club

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