Word of the Day "Right as rain"

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  Right as rain  [ rahyt  az  reyn ]

Synonyms: healthy, well, fit, fine, able-bodied, strong, etc.


Definition of Right as rain



        if you say that someone is as right as rain, you mean that they are completely well or healthy again, for example when they have recovered from an illness or a shock.

        (While the sun might come out for a while, things eventually return to the normal rainy state in England. In other words, it returns "to being right as rain".) 



         You just need a good night's sleep, and then you'll be right as rain again.

         He then closed it and felt as right as rain.

         Put another few down me and I'll be as right as rain.

         If she'd only worked on it another week everything would have been as right as rain. 

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