Feelings and Emotions Vocabulary

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Emotions vocabulary words can be really important in describing how we feel and how others are feeling. Most of us know the emotional states happy  and sad, but what about determined and resentful?  Hopefully this list of words will help expand your vocabulary.

The video provides a chance to hear each word pronounced and there is a pause after each word so that you can say the words to practice your pronunciation.

Emotions vocabulary video

Click the audio player below to hear the pronunciation.

Definitions of Emotions Vocabulary

Now that you've heard the words pronounced, you  may still need some help with the definitions of these emotions vocabulary words. Some of the words are similar. All are just various degrees of our positive and negative feelings and emotions.

afraid - feeling fear or being worried about something

amused - to feel entertained so that you laugh or smile at something

angry - to feel dislike because of something or someone, to feel annoyed

annoyed - to feel slightly angry or irritated at someone

appaled - feeling great shock or disgust at something or someone

astonished - feeling great surprise

awe - feelings of great respect and a little fear because you really respect someone

bored - tired and annoyed because you are uninterested in something

brooding - very serious, sad and threatening

combative / quarrelsome - wanting to have an argument or fight with someone

composed - calm and having one's feeling under control

confused - not able to think clearly or understand

contented - (contented / content / contentment) feeling happiness or satisfaction

curious - (curious / curiosity) wanting to know about something or someone

delighted - (delighted / delight) very pleased or happy

miserable / depressed - sad and without hope

determined - feeling very strongly that you will do (complete) something you decided to do

disappointed - feeling sad and unhappy that something did not happen or did not happen in the way that you wanted or expected

disgust - (disgust / disgusted) a strong feeling of disapproval or dislike, especially for something that looks, smells, tastes (etc.) unpleasant

exhausted - extremely tired, completely without energy

exhilarated - very happy and excited

gratitude / grateful - feeling thankful for something

happy - feeling pleased or pleasure

hate - (hate / feel hatred) very strong dislike

hopeful - full of hope, feeling that something you want is going to happen

hysterical - in a state of uncontrolled laughter or extreme excitement

indignant - very angry because of something that is unfair or wrong

loathing - a feeling of hatred or strong dislike

modest - not being too proud or talking very much about your abilities, qualities or possessions

outrage - (be outraged / feel outrage) a strong feeling of shock and anger

sad - unhappy 

satisfied - feeling happy about something that happened or pleased that you did something the way you wanted to

serene - calm and peaceful

shy / bashful - feeling nervous or uncomfortable meeting or talking to other people

silly - playful, having fun and not serious

sneaky - behaving in a secret and dishonest way

surprised - feeling or showing surprise about something you did not expect to happen

weepy - sad and crying or feeling ready to start crying

withdrawn - very quiet and not wanting to talk to others

wonder - a feeling caused by seeing something amazing, beautiful, special or surprising

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