Idiom of the Day "Get Wind of Something"

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 Get Wind of Something

Synonyms: hear about, discover, find out, learn of, unearth, etc

"Get wind of something" is an idiomatic expression that means to become aware of or hear about a particular piece of information, often in a secretive or unofficial manner. When someone "gets wind of something," they receive knowledge of a situation or event that was not openly shared or intended to be known.

Examples in Sentences:

  1. The reporters managed to get wind of the celebrity wedding and rushed to cover the event before it went public.
  2. I got wind of a new job opportunity through a friend who works at the company.
  3. The detective got wind of a potential witness who might shed light on the case.
  4. The kids were excitedly whispering after getting wind of a surprise party being planned for their teacher.
  5. It's essential to keep confidential information secure, as you never know who might get wind of it.

Remember, the expression "get wind of something" adds a touch of intrigue and mystery to conversations, making it a valuable addition to your English vocabulary. Practice using this expression to enhance your language skills and engage in more captivating conversations!

July, 2023

Posted by Oxford Language Club

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