Idiom of the Day. "Cutting corners"

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Cutting corners

Synonyms: skimping, cheating, taking the easy way out, etc.

Welcome to today's idiom of the day! "Cutting corners" is a phrase commonly used in English to describe doing something in the easiest, quickest, or cheapest way possible, often leading to poor quality. This idiom suggests neglecting rules or standards to save time or money, akin to taking shortcuts. 


  1. When building the new office, the contractor was accused of cutting corners, resulting in a roof that leaked after the first rain.
  2. Instead of studying thoroughly for her exams, Jenna cut corners by only reading the summaries, which hurt her grades.
  3. The company’s decision to cut corners in the production process led to a recall of their latest product due to safety concerns.
  4. If you keep cutting corners at work, it might seem faster, but it could jeopardize your chances of promotion.
  5. The chef refused to cut corners, insisting on using only the freshest ingredients, which ensured the restaurant's reputation for high quality.

By understanding and using idioms like "cutting corners," you can enhance your English fluency and express yourself more like a native speaker. Stay tuned for more idioms and phrases to enrich your vocabulary!

May, 2024

Posted by Oxford Language Club

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