Language tips for moving to an English-speaking country

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Are you moving to an English-speaking country in 2021? Adjusting to a new country as an expatriate is always a challenge but also usually an exciting opportunity to learn a new language or improve your existing level of competency.

We’ve put together our best tips for immersing yourself in English so you can rapidly master the language, operate independently, integrate and establish new social circles. 


1. Live with native English speakers 

This total form of immersion is the very best way to improve your English skills. Not only will you be surrounded by the language, you will also be forced to communicate in English about all aspects of daily life.

2. Label things

It’s often said that you are not really fluent in a language unless you can talk your way through your kitchen cupboards and drawers. Putting labels on household and other items is a great way to improve your vocabulary.

3. Take an English course

Professional English training is a great support for your learning curve and will help pinpoint your own language development needs. Get advice on which format would suit you best by exploring the classroom, individual and online options available at reputable language schools, such as The London School of English.

4. Read, read, read 

The more the better, on all subjects. Reading is the best way to improve your vocabulary within specialist areas, as well as to improve your understanding of literary flow, such as rhythm, word sequence and sentence structure.

5. Find a job or volunteer

Professional English and the correct vocabulary for your chosen field are best learned on the job. If you are not working or in the process of applying for jobs, volunteering is a great way to boost your language skills and network.

6. Watch English TV programmes

This subliminal method of learning requires very little effort as you can just watch and absorb. TV or other types of screen time are often underestimated as a cheap and entertaining way to learn English.

7. Make a list of all the vocabulary you've learned

Making daily lists of new words to remember and/or to look up is an excellent and easy way to chart your progress. It’s also a very handy way for you to recap on a regular basis.

8. Reach out

Get social and meet as many people as you can. This is particularly important if you are not living or working with native speakers. All the reading, writing and watching in the world is not a substitute for speaking practise - engaging, listening and responding in English. Expat sites such as meetup.com offer a great way to join local groups of people within the structure of activities or sports that you are interested in.


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