Word of the Day "Lukewarm"

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Synonyms: tepid, mildly warm, room temperature, etc.

  • Part of Speech: adjective
  • Definition: moderately warm; neither hot nor cold.
  • Transcription: /LOO-kwawrm/

In the vast spectrum of temperatures, there exists a delightful middle ground—neither hot nor cold. Today, we delve into the word of the day: "lukewarm." This versatile term describes something that is moderately warm and lacks extremes. Let's explore its definition, synonyms, and some practical examples of how to incorporate it into everyday conversation.

"Lukewarm" refers to a state of being moderately warm, falling between hot and cold. It embodies a sense of mildness and balance, lacking the intensity of extreme temperatures.


  1. She received a lukewarm response to her proposal, indicating a lack of enthusiasm.
  2. I prefer my tea lukewarm, not scalding hot.
  3. The bathwater was pleasantly lukewarm, offering relaxation without discomfort.
  4. The coffee had been sitting for a while and was now lukewarm, but still drinkable.
  5. Their relationship started off strong but gradually grew lukewarm over time.

Embracing the concept of "lukewarm" allows us to appreciate the comfort found in moderation. Whether it's a "lukewarm drink", "a lukewarm reception", or "a lukewarm bath", this expression reminds us that there is beauty in balance.

July, 2023

Posted by Oxford Language Club

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