Word of the Day "Lusty"

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Synonyms: hearty, robust, vigorous, and spirited, etc.

  • Part of Speech: adjective
  • Definition: healthy, strong, and energetic

Today’s word of the day is "lusty." This vibrant adjective encapsulates a robust, vigorous energy, often associated with vitality and vigor. When describing something or someone as "lusty," it implies a strong and exuberant physical or emotional presence.

For instance:

  • Despite her age, Grandma maintains a lusty enthusiasm for gardening, spending hours tending to her plants every day.
  • The chef prepared a lusty stew, filled with rich flavors and hearty vegetables, perfect for a chilly evening.
  • The team celebrated their victory with lusty cheers and high-fives, their excitement palpable throughout the stadium.

"Lusty" can also describe intense desires or passions:

  • The protagonist in the novel was driven by a lusty ambition to conquer the business world, stopping at nothing to achieve success.
  • The couple shared a lusty embrace, their affection evident in the warmth of their touch and the sparkle in their eyes.

Incorporating "lusty" into your vocabulary adds a dynamic flair to descriptions and conversations, infusing them with vitality and enthusiasm.

May, 2024

Posted by Oxford Language Club

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