Word of the Day. "Weirdo"

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Synonyms: eccentric, oddball, freak, kook, etc.

  • Part of Speech: noun
  • Definition: someone who behaves in an unconventional or eccentric manner
  • Transcription: / weer-doh /

"Weirdo" is a noun used to describe someone who behaves in a strange or unconventional way. It's often used informally and can sometimes carry a negative connotation, implying oddity or eccentricity.


  1. Tom is a bit of a weirdo, always wearing mismatched socks and singing to himself in public.
  2. She felt like a weirdo at the formal event in her brightly colored dress.
  3. That new guy in the office is a total weirdo, he insists on doing yoga at his desk.
  4. Kids in school used to call her a weirdo because she loved insects and collected bugs.
  5. Despite being labeled a weirdo, John embraced his unique hobbies and interests with pride.

Understanding "weirdo" and its context can help you navigate conversations and better interpret the nuances of casual English.

May, 2024

Posted by Oxford Language Club

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