Idiom of the Day "Under the Weather"

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 Under the Weather

Today's idiom of the day is "under the weather." This quirky expression is commonly used in everyday conversations and refers to feeling unwell or not in the best physical condition. When someone says they are "under the weather," it means they are experiencing a minor illness or feeling a bit sick.

Synonyms for "under the weather" include "feeling off," "under the gun," and "out of sorts." It's essential to understand these idiomatic phrases to grasp the nuances of English language and culture fully.

Example sentences:

  1. After working long hours without proper rest, Jane felt under the weather and decided to take a sick day from the office.
  2. Tom didn't want to miss the family gathering, but he was under the weather, so he stayed home to rest.
  3. The team's star player felt a little under the weather during the game, but he still managed to score the winning goal.

Learning idioms like "under the weather" can be challenging, but it adds color and flair to your English conversations. So, the next time you feel a bit sick, don't forget to use this delightful idiom to express how you feel. Keep practicing, and soon you'll be using it like a native speaker! Stay tuned for more exciting idioms on our "Idiom of the Day" series. Happy learning!

July, 2023

Posted by Oxford Language Club

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