Unraveling the Idiom "Deep Pockets"

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"Deep pockets" is an English idiom often used in conversational and business contexts. This phrase figuratively refers to individuals or organizations with substantial financial resources or wealth. For instance, saying "John has deep pockets" implies that John is rich.

Historically, the term "deep pockets" originates from the literal idea of having pockets deep enough to hold significant amounts of money. Although the exact origin isn't documented, it gained popularity in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, aligning with the rise of the industrial revolution and wealth accumulation.

In context, "A tech start-up is looking for investors with deep pockets to fund its innovative projects" implies the start-up requires wealthy investors who can afford large-scale funding. Similarly, "Despite having deep pockets, she leads a simple life" suggests that even though the person in question is wealthy, she chooses to live modestly.

Using idioms like "deep pockets" can make your English sound more native and colloquial. This particular idiom helps express wealth without explicitly talking about money, making conversations more nuanced and culturally rich. Just remember, not all idioms are universally understood, so context is key.

May, 2023

Posted by Oxford Language Club

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